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The Savage Year

It has been a great and fun year. I think I should explain a few things though for those who don’t know me really well.  My wife Marcy says that I can take the fun out of anything.  I have come to realize that I find hard work to be fun.  I really enjoy misery, difficulty and suckedness. The other thing that tends to happen is the hijacking of a fun hobby and taking it to the most extreme level.  She likes to make out that this is a bad thing, but truth be known I think it might take the people in my life to new and awesome places that they wouldn’t get to without my influence.  I am currently writing this as I crew Marcy on another 100 miler…..hmmmmmmmmm That brings me to the title Single Track Savage.  This represents a few of the things I identify with.  Single track is of course a reference to running trails.  There is just something about the freedom of running on a trail and being in the woods.  This is something deep in who I am and few things compare to a day in the wild