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Where's Dougie?

       Marcy and I decided to put on a few races in 2021.  It has turned out to be quite and undertaking! It has also been a walk down memory lane.  I have had to go back through old pictures looking for shots to add to web pages, race forms, and on-line sign ups.  It brings up the question, is running really a solo adventure?  I always sort of leaned to a slightly self absorbed view that it was about me, but looking through pictures I just don't see many without loved ones or friends.      Marcy got me started running a few years ago. We have been in sooooo many races together.  I didn't realize it until looking through the pictures.  We have crewed for each other on multiple ultra events and run a ton of races together.  I have to say that if you make it through crewing for a cranky (me not Marcy) 100 mile runner you can stick with them through anything! I wouldn't trade any of the race experiences with her for anything.  When I got a little faster and set some goals past

Snakes & snails & puppy dog tails? Aphantasia & SDAM? What makes a Savage?

January 2020 I decided to try 23andMe for general curiosity and to use the raw data for workout and diet tweaking.  Little did I know it would take me down a path of self discovery!  I signed up and found out some cool things like - I have a little Nigerian (wished it was Keynan), I'm pretty much white from Europe (who'd have figured right?), and I have more Neanderthal DNA than 26% of the other 23andMe users. For folks that haven't done this I will explain a little more about the process.  You sign up, spit into a container, mail it back, then in a week or two you get the results.  In the mean time you start getting requests to fill out questionnaires on line.  It was one of these that change my life.   One simple question........  Do you have  Aphantasia, the inability to visualize?   It's kinda crazy to think that one sentence can bring so much into light for a person.  I'm sitting there 49 years old having never actually visualized anything and assuming everyone