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Savage summer

   Time has gotten away from me!  It has been a few months since I even thought about writing.  It has been a fun summer.  No great feats of strength or endurance, but plenty of racing and hunting.      In July me and Marcy went to Missoula Montana to hang out with some awesome friends, run the Missoula Marathon, and see water shoot out of the earth. Thanks to Marcy I now have some awesome new flag shorts which have become a hit! The photo people at the marathon took some great pictures.  I like this one so much it is now on my wall!    The weather was beautiful and we had a good run. I ended up with an ok time and a 2nd in age group award.  I might have gotten 1st in age group if Matt hadn't made me run up a mountain the day before the race!      You can't go to Montana without seeing Old Faithful, so we headed to Yosemite Park the next day and climbed around on trails and watched the geyser. I love the entrance quote 'For the benefit and enjoyment of the people