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A choice

I’m sitting in Guatemala early in the morning alone havng woken up early. Sipping on coffee, doing some light exercise, and reading. I heard an interesting view on Matthew 20 and the parable of the vineyard workers. It’s so easy to only see the world from one side. This morning I heard a man talk about the amazing blessing of being the worker picked at the end of the day, but also the sadness and loss of missing out on the great day of work and comradery. The men working the full day felt cheated because they were all paid the same. They couldn’t recognize they received a blessing the later workers didn’t. How many days am I jealous and not realizing the blessings I have been given? 

Aslinger 2023

      Aslinger 2023 was a special race for me.  It started like most of my races do with not much forethought and a signup.  This year turned out to be different though.       I want to start by thanking a few people.  There are many friends and family that came out and supported me.  I want you all to know I love and appreciate you all, but  Marcy Ambler needs special recognition. Marcy made months of sacrifice for me to train. She worked all day Friday, came and crewed for 24 hours, then packed it all up while being so tired and cold she could hardly stand.  Marcy pushed me when I needed it and enlisted others to push me.  She kept me taking down nutrition even when I didn't feel like it and was struggling. Marcy walked with me and just kept me moving. At the end she told me the math and if I would run I could hit my PR.  She did everything right to get me to the end and pushing my body farther than ever before.      Flashback several months.  It has been a few years since I real