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Cajun Coyote 100 Mile Ville Platte LA

My single track mind led me on another adventure this past weekend We headed down to Louisiana for some running, swamps, alligators, great food, and lots of fun.  I looked at course elevations, you tube videos, and weather reports regularly. It was not a big race, but had some serious folks there.  The weather was absolutely beautiful with a start around 40 degrees and the sun peaking up over the horizon.  I took off a little fast as usual and realized I was running with the winner from last year, Ed Melancon, and ultra stud Kelly Agnew who has also won the race.  I went into this race with a goal around 18 hours, but had no idea what the course would be like.  They apparently put all the hills and roots in Louisiana around lake Chicot...maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was definitely tougher than I expected! It wasn't long and Ed pulled away and Kelly dropped back some leaving me to my thoughts and IPod until my wife Marcy joined me for the last 20 miles.  Every savage bea