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Run Under the Stars AKA Savage redemption

     A year ago I decided to run the Run Under the Stars 10 hour race with Marcy and a group of runners from Cape Girardeau.  I was coming off a long series of multiple races every month and had a knee that was really starting to bother me.  In true Savage fashion I figured "why not?" and that "I can deal with anything for that long".  It didn't turn out so well and I quit at 33.5 miles and about half way.  This was my first DNF and I was in a very very very bad place.  I ended up being an extremely grouchy (my wife's opinion) crew man.  Since then I have been seeing that race in my dreams at night (for you Ray Stevens fans)!      This year was going to be different.  I have been training hard, feeling good, and on the 1 year mark of running on the ketogenic diet. I missed my 140 miles at the Aslinger 24 hour, but the weather just did not cooperate.  The savage was screaming to be let loose! I starting hitting hills and trails again to build back some stren

Boston Strong

     One month after completing the Aslinger 24 hour run it was time to go to Boston!  Time ticked away as I recovered from the 24 hour and tried to get a few weeks of last minute speed work in.  I managed a recovery week, a few good workout weeks, and the taper.  Marcy managed to get increasingly nervous about Boston, but it wouldn't be a race if Marcy wasn't fretting.  I didn't worry about anything...except the room. After some last minute excitement we finally got room confirmation and all was good.  Marcy and I joined the group, loaded the plane, and headed to Boston.      Boston was a lot of fun .  The people were great and we didn't have any bad experiences while there. We stayed close to the hospital and a homeless shelter, so it was a little colorful.  I am definitely a country boy, the sirens and horns would drive me crazy in short order. The group went to the expo and spent a little hard earned money, then we got to run on a treadmill as part of a study on im