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Savage circles

Well, I fell way short of my goal for this weekend’s race.  I had a great big goal of 140 miles and ended up quitting at 118 miles. The weather this year at the Aslinger 12/24 hour race was very tough!  Earlier this week I watched the weather bounce around from 10% to 20% to 30% to 20% to 40% in a roller coaster of emotions.  A few days before the race the forecast looked awesome with 40-50 degree temps, light wind of 4-7 mph and a 10-20% chance of rain.  The day before it was clear we were in trouble.  We got there a little after 6pm to unload and set up my spot. I paid some extra money for a very awesome VIP spot.  Marcy helped me strategically placed my coolers, clothes, electronics, changing tent, and nutrition.  We had cups with a concoction of Ucan, chia seed, coconut oil, and almond milk with an option of homemade chicken bone broth. We had a few minutes after setup to chat with some friends and fellow runners from around the area and far away.  6:50PM and the lineup cam

Savage Culmination

The Aslinger 24-hour Endurance Race is almost here!  I have been focused on this race for months and have great big hairy audacious goals. Each day it gets closer the excitement builds.   I know some folks get nervous about racing, but I absolutely love it and can’t wait. April will bring another highly anticipated experience at the Boston Marathon, but I don't have much planned after that. I definitely had some setbacks in my training with pretty bad shin splints after my December 100 miler, but I am getting over them and feeling pretty good. Savage Doug took a new training strategy and slowed down a bit, which has really helped my body recover and heal.  Don't get me wrong though, my running partners won't have me lazily jogging around.  Training has included pacing Marcy for 30 miles in her 100 miler the fist of January, then running with Kelpe on his birthday for over 30 miles in the snow mid-January, and several torture sessions with Laura, Joe, Andy, Scott, Gen