Where's Dougie?

     Marcy and I decided to put on a few races in 2021.  It has turned out to be quite and undertaking! It has also been a walk down memory lane.  I have had to go back through old pictures looking for shots to add to web pages, race forms, and on-line sign ups.  It brings up the question, is running really a solo adventure? I always sort of leaned to a slightly self absorbed view that it was about me, but looking through pictures I just don't see many without loved ones or friends. 

    Marcy got me started running a few years ago. We have been in sooooo many races together.  I didn't realize it until looking through the pictures.  We have crewed for each other on multiple ultra events and run a ton of races together.  I have to say that if you make it through crewing for a cranky (me not Marcy) 100 mile runner you can stick with them through anything! I wouldn't trade any of the race experiences with her for anything. 

When I got a little faster and set some goals past what Marcy was running I started running alone. One day this guy named Joe invited me to run with his group. I think he pretty much told me to run with his group, but Joe's quirks are a topic for another day.  That was quite a few years ago and my solo runs are much fewer.  Joe still tells me when I'm going to run, how far, and how fast.  


When I became a runner I accidentally became part of a community.  It's pretty obvious that the running community is a tight nit group of weirdos that leaves no man or woman behind, unless it's a race then roll out of the way or get stepped on!  Looking back at all the pictures through the years makes me realize that without this community there would be much less enjoyment in the sport.  I endure not only blisters and lost toenails, but relentless teasing and heckling. That being said there is friendship, motivation and inspiration. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you in my community!



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